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I left my lunch box at the office.

Oh no! I forgot to put lunch box into a bag.

It would be better to wash early in the new week, Though I’m scared of opening it.

I have a soft spot for SWEET things.

You know what they say.
What is sweet in the mouth is often bitter in the stomach.

Sweets with the artificial sweeteners is actually yummy.
If you eat too much at one time, your stool may become soft.

After eating many gummi candy,
It is the first word that pops into my head.

It’s my “no overtime” day.

There’s a ‘no overtime on Wednesdays’ rule at my workplace.

I take a express train to go straight home.
Then, I get a lot of rest.

I have something to be done, but I don’t care that.
I can’t go against the need for sleep.

It was an honest mistake.

I in the past told me that “I forgot to draw the eyebrows.”
…Maro Now.

처음의 한 걸음

오늘 아침, 나는 6시에 일어났다.

I had a medicine for headache.

When the weather’s bad, my headache gets worse.

I waited for my headache to subside.
Next, I fight off the urge to sleep.