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Big wooden desk

株式会社 ぼん家具(BON Furniture Co.Ltd.)
BON Wide Desk Low Type 1800mm in width (One set of Desk, Shelf, Chest and Rack)

I want a big wooden desk like BON.
I plan to consider whether to buy it after the move.
Through the dream swells, first of all, I should search for the lease room where the condition is suitable.

Prepared Foods

Making of daily dishes is more wonderful than that of purchase.

Even if McDonald’s savory chicken is sold, I cook in my own way.
I want to introduce the recipe, but recipe keeps secret.

Nestlé Canada
NESTLÉ NOIR Mousse Délicate Filled Milk Chocolate

In the words of Nestlé, “each individual pillow of chocolate features a silky mousse filling enrobed in a shell of either dark or milk chocolate”.

I got this chocolate of the souvenir from the superior.
I enjoyed that sensory aspect of the chocolate that tastes like mellow gianduja.

After sweet snacks, let’s keeping the mouth clean.