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I went to Kichijoji.

Yesterday, I saw his first exhibition at an art gallery.

Let me introduce his work!
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Let’s go there!
Holding period is up to 20th Aug.



I could see a beautiful rainbow and I took a picture that!

I got a souvenir from Kyoto♪.

Soba Houru!






Kibi Dango!


I am tired from I’m still debating whether I should to writing summer greetings or not. 🙁

Obon holidays

I truly appreciate bus driver’s kindness.
This morning, The bus arrived at the bus stop on time was waiting for me I’m trying to catch up and running.

It’s like I’ve chartered this train today! (Obon holiday)
I was off guard, And then I was sleeping on the train while flowing drool.
I was ashamed when I woke up to realize that crowded.

The wind felt really nice.

I have left the office the parasol.

Even if I might not be able to get any pension in my old age, I paid the national pension of unpaid.
I had forgotten pensioners apply for the period of the uninsured to employees’ pension.

Yesterday morning, the freezer was not closed completely.
Night, After I return home, It was noticed that by opening the door of the freezer.
Frost had been attached to the inside of the door.

Summer vacation is over.

I got up to half past five this morning.

I was nervous to not oversleep perhaps.
I abruptly woke up at midnight.


Test post from iPad.