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Every man’s neighbour is his looking-glass.

Yesterday morning, I decided to set a rhythm for the day.
I want to clean up top-to-toe with brisk efficiency.
Any regrets?


The woman who stood before me was
When the train pass through a curve, I got glimpses of her pierced navel and my heart skip.

I’ll be coming home late today.

I had to work overtime today.
Boss said, “Can you stay after work?” So then I says, “My pleasure.”.

I couldn’t say that “I’m sorry, but I’m a little tied up tonight.”, I was blinded by overtime money.
I sacrifice the sleep time in return for scant money.

I’m sleepier than usual today.

I feel still exhausted from yesterday.
My legs are swollen.
I’m exhausted again today.
I’m mentally worn out, too.

I went to a photo shoot waterfalls.

I went to waterfall as a photographic club activities.
I was tired of walking.
Photography is very difficult.

河津七滝 (Kawazu Seven Falls)
出合滝 (Deai-daru Falls)
カニ滝 (Kani-daru Falls)
初景滝 (Shokei-daru Falls)
蛇滝 (Hebi-daru Falls)
エビ滝 (Ebi-daru Falls)
釜滝 (Kama-daru Falls)
猿田淵 (saruta Depth)

I went to Kichijoji.

Yesterday, I saw his first exhibition at an art gallery.

Let me introduce his work!
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Let’s go there!
Holding period is up to 20th Aug.



I could see a beautiful rainbow and I took a picture that!

I got a souvenir from Kyoto♪.

Soba Houru!






Kibi Dango!


I am tired from I’m still debating whether I should to writing summer greetings or not. 🙁

Obon holidays

I truly appreciate bus driver’s kindness.
This morning, The bus arrived at the bus stop on time was waiting for me I’m trying to catch up and running.

It’s like I’ve chartered this train today! (Obon holiday)
I was off guard, And then I was sleeping on the train while flowing drool.
I was ashamed when I woke up to realize that crowded.